“CES 2021 will be held entirely online… it will be the first time CES content will be able to be viewed worldwide by people from all over the world in their language.”

As CTA executive vice president Karen Chupka notes, CES 2021 is going totally virtual., Nonetheless, global tech companies are expected to fiercely compete to unveil their newest products during the world’s largest technology expo..

Perseus will be attending CES 2021, alongside 14 other startups recruited by Seoul Metropolitan Government. Though this isn’t Perseus’s first time at the CES, this year marks a significant milestone, as the company is adapting to a completely digitized landscape. The expo presents an opportunity to showcase products to a global audience, which has been made even more difficult by the pandemic. 

Perseus will be showcasing its Hypervisor, Secure Container, and Linux solutions to attendees from all over the world. The hypervisor solution has verifiably enhanced connected car efficiency by 75%. This is done by enabling multiple OS to run on a single SoC, guaranteeing efficiency and optimal performance. Relatedly, Perseus’s secure container solution delivers protection for today’s expanding connected car solutions.  Lastly, the Linux fast-boot is an ideal solution for safety-critical devices, namely rear-facing cameras in connected cars.

Moreover, the CES will be an opportunity for Perseus to reconnect with participants from the previous year and learn about new technologies. Given the compatibility of Pereseus’ solutions with major hardware systems, the team expects to have meaningful conversations with potential partners and customers through the CES.

Though it’s a shame there will be no in-person exchanges, the CES will nonetheless be a “unique experience… where attendees will have a front row seat to discover the latest technology.” says PR Newswire. Perseus and the other startups will strategize to optimize outreach and exposure in the virtual environment.